How to Improve Chances of Getting a Mobile Phone Contract with Bad Credit

The reality of things is that getting a mobile phone contract when you have bad credit is an uphill task. You are probably going to face a lot of rejections from various providers simply because of your poor credit rating. But does that mean that you should give up on the desire to own a mobile phone? Of course not! There are indeed a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of being approved for bad credit mobile phone contracts.

Compare mobile handsets that are available

There is no secret that we both want a high end Smartphone with the latest features. However, if you have bad credit, your options are incredibly narrowed. As such, you might want to compare handsets and settle for a handset that does not have the latest features as you try to prove your worth to your provider. In future, when you prove your ability to make repayments, you can always negotiate for a better and latest high end phone.

Pay upfront deposit to your provider

Paying an upfront deposit to your provider increases your chances of being approved for a mobile phone contract especially when you have bad credit. The truth of the matter is that numerous providers reject or decline to approve certain contracts because they deem a person with bad credit as high risk. However, by making a substantive upfront payment, the provider feels as if the risk has been drastically reduced and this in effect puts you in a plum position to get approved irrespective of the fact that you have bad credit.

Choose SIM only contracts

The reason why mobile phone contracts are relatively high is because of the inclusion of the handset. While most providers don’t disclose that, it’s the plain truth. SIM only contracts do not require you to purchase a mobile phone hence making it relatively cheaper and reduces the risk on the part of the provider. The only downside is that when you go for this particular option, you will be required to purchase your own mobile handset. The advantage is that the providers risk is drastically reduced and therefore increasing your chances of being approved.

Avoid third parties and speak to your preferred network directly

Looking for a better bad credit mobile phone contracts deal? Why not speak to your network of choice directly? By speaking to them directly, you might be able to reach an agreement that favors both of you and get yourself mobile phone contract you have always yearned for. You simply need to argue your case, explain yourself and hopefully reach an agreement that is beneficial to both of you.

To sum it up, getting a bad credit mobile phone contract can also increase your credit rating in the long run especially if you make payments timely and without defaulting. As such, you are struggling with how to improve your credit rating, going for bad credit mobile phones might be the opening you need especially if you make timely monthly repayments.