About Us

Since inception, Anais Phones has been a respected and trusted Bad credit phones service provider across the UK. We share in the concerns of people with bad credit and continually offer them amazing mobile phone contracts irrespective of their credit score. Our commitment to total quality management, customer satisfaction and ability to offer our customers competitive deals is what has set us apart from our competitors in the UK. We believe in treating our customers with utmost respect, offering unbeatable deals and putting a smile on the faces of thousands of people who have done business with us in the UK.

In our efforts to offer our customers nothing short of the best, we have enlisted the services of qualified customer personnel, who are knowledgeable of the services we offer and are instrumental in providing our customers with honest and professional advice as regards bad credit mobile phones contracts. We believe in leveling the playing field to all our customers irrespective of their credit history and this is what has continued to put as in a different class from our competitors.

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