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Mention the word bad credit anywhere near mainstream financial lenders or mobile phone contract providers and you are likely to unsettle nerves. Your prospect of becoming a customer for loan products or long term contracts falls to zero levels. This is because the financial world and world of contracts is so much immersed in credit rating that they have in essence given the concept of a customer a whole new meaning. This is not the case when you do business with Anais Phones. Long celebrated as a leading bad credit mobile phones contract providers across the UK, Anais Phones continues to live up to its name of being an equal service provider irrespective of the credit rating of a customer.

Anais Phones continues to set the trend and accord opportunities to scores of people across the UK to get good bad credit mobile phones contracts without feeling as if they are discriminated upon. We believe in creating an enabling environment where we co-opt all our customers without looking at them as second class citizens based on their credit score. Since our inception, we have scaled the ladders to become one of the most reputable and trusted bad credit mobile phones contract providers in the UK.

What we do

As a trusted provider, we are concerned with approving bad credit mobile phones to our customers from all over the UK without using their credit score as a limiting factor. We understand that people with bad credit have the same needs as those with a healthy score and therefore we provide a platform where both can get good deals. In our attempt to offer the best services and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, we are constantly providing professional advice to our customers with the aim of enlightening them on our bad credit mobile phones plans so that they can make an informed decision. To further provide services that are above board, we have partnered with some of the reputable industry providers such as Money Supermarket to provide our customers with important information on mobile phone contracts as well as to help them make an informed decision.

Why you should choose us

Wondering why you should do business with us for bad credit mobile phones contracts? Well, there is more than one reason as to why you should settle for us across the UK.

  • We offer affordable bad credit mobile phones contracts
  • We are professional in every aspect and disclose our charges before hand
  • We have been in the industry for long and have offered our services to thousands of people across the UK.
  • We have numerous deals on bad credit mobile phones that you can choose from
  • According to the new report by PhonesWorldnew report by PhonesWorld, our services are above board and we promise what we deliver.


Anais Phones is all about making your application as hassle free as possible. We are committed to a great user experience and in this regard, our highly qualified customer personnel continue to ensure that your bad credit mobile phones contract is approved within the fastest time possible. We believe in providing our customers with a great experience, dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and continually ensure that the contracts we offer our customers are the best in across the UK. If you feel like you need a bad credit mobile phones contract and you have been refused elsewhere, its time you contacted us today and get access to our amazing deals your credit rating notwithstanding.

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